Webinar – Building a Dynamic Network Infrastructure

Feb 3, 2023

This webinar will provide an overview of the benefits of implementing SRv6 in a telecoms network and the advantages of deploying such a solution: providing enhanced control over traffic flows, faster and easier service insertion, improved scalability, and reduced operational complexity.

Additionally, the webinar will discuss how SRv6 can be used to reduce the cost of network operations and service latency and improve network performance at the Network Edge, as well as how to deploy SRv6 in a secure manner and how such a solution might be implemented.

The session will conclude with Lanner Electronics and NoviFlow describing their implementation of an SRv6 Proxy server solution already deployed in a field trial at a Tier-1 CoSP and how it delivers support for future services, network-wide scalability, service chaining and load-balancing, scales on demand, and simplifies service deployment and network management.


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Feb 7, 2023

Babu Peddu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intel
Sven Freudenfeld, CTO Telecom ABU, Lanner Electronics
Kevin Austin, Director of Product Management, NoviFlow




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