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Unlocking Multi-Cloud Data Protection: The Power of L-5220 Platform

Sep 26, 2023

In today’s digital era, corporations are generating vast amounts of data, from confidential financial reports and client details to everyday operational information. With the evolution of digital strategies, companies are increasingly moving this data to hybrid cloud storage environments. This transition presents challenges like complexity, escalated costs, and the looming risk of security breaches. Confidential computing has emerged as a solution, ensuring data remains encrypted and secure during operations, even in multi-cloud environments. For OEM software companies, understanding these challenges and embracing the right hardware solutions is crucial.

The Multi-Cloud Environment Challenge

Businesses are diving headfirst into multi-cloud strategies, combining their internal data centers with public and private cloud storage options. While this approach offers flexibility, it brings the problem of data security to the fore. Protecting data across different cloud platforms becomes cumbersome, particularly when unauthorized access can have severe consequences.

Confidential computing comes to the rescue, allowing data to transition between cloud environments securely. This approach ensures that sensitive assets like encryption keys, intellectual property, and confidential workloads remain shielded, promoting businesses to adopt cloud computing with confidence.


What’s Needed in a Comprehensive Solution

Considering the vast digital landscape and the inherent challenges it poses, a holistic approach is necessary. This involves integrating advanced chips, software, and cloud infrastructure, enabling management of all data, including sensitive information, across multi-cloud environments.

The ideal platform should:

  1. Optimize Performance: Capable of handling multiple applications efficiently.
  2. Control Costs: Efficiently managing expenses without compromising on quality.
  3. Scale and Cluster: Clustering between multiple sites to ensure reliability and business continuity.
  4. Confidential Computing: A must-have for ensuring data security in-use across platforms.
  5. Hardware Security: Offering advanced protection against unauthorized access and breaches.
  6. Advanced Bypass Capabilities: Ensuring continuous network traffic even during unexpected shutdowns.
  7. Redundant Power Supply: A crucial feature to prevent network interruptions, especially for mission-critical businesses.

Recognizing these requirements, a prominent US multi-cloud security company collaborated with Lanner to conceptualize a security platform loaded with the aforementioned features.

Highlighting Features of the Solution:

  • Multi-Core Computing Power: The integration of Intel® Xeon® E, Core i3, Pentium, or Celeron Processor (Codenamed Coffee Lake) ensures peak performance.
  • In-Built Hardware Security: The Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) provides memory encryption that isolates specific application codes and data. The Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0) offers cryptographic keys and a secure boot to shield against unauthorized access.
  • Flexible Hardware Design: With F.A.S.T. N.I.C., the platform can support varied Ethernet speeds in modular slots, providing adaptability through copper or fiber interfaces.
  • Advanced LAN Bypass: Lanner’s ingenious design ensures network traffic remains uninterrupted even during unexpected appliance shutdowns.
  • Reliability with Redundant Power Supply: The power supply design ensures the network remains active, especially vital for sectors like finance and large enterprises.


Presenting L-5220: The Ultimate Solution

Lanner’s L-5220 is a powerhouse, tailored to tackle the challenges of a multi-cloud environment. Housed in a 1U rackmount, it boasts a robust Intel® processor, making it apt for demanding network tasks. Its integration with Intel® SGX extensions promotes confidential computing, making it indispensable for multi-cloud networks.

Moreover, the L-5220 offers versatile networking features, including adaptable configurations for LAN ports, NIC expansion, storage, and management, making it an optimum solution for network traffic security, multi-cloud computing, and extensive data centers.



In the labyrinth of multi-cloud strategies, OEM software companies can offer their end-users an unparalleled solution with Lanner’s L-5220. It stands as a testament to what’s achievable when technology meets innovation, providing a safe, efficient, and cost-effective path in today’s intricate digital world.

Explore More! Dive into the world of secure multi-cloud solutions with the L-5220. Discover its potential and how it can revolutionize your software offerings. Contact us today!

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