Whitebox uCPE

Interoperable Whitebox Platforms
Drive SD-WAN at Edge

Whitebox Networking

Open, Flexible, Scalable and Cost Effective

Pre-validated Whitebox Platform

Accelerating your Deployment in 5G and SD-WAN

Whitebox Solutions™ – Driving Network Agility

Accelerating Your Time-To-Market Deployment

By leveraging our expertise in network security and IT edge computing, Whitebox Solutions™ provide a true white box networking platforms that meet most of the specifications that customers are looking for, as well as WiFi and LTE certifications that enable them to be used globally.

Optimized Virtualized Performance

Whitebox Solutions™ provide performance-enhanced, desktop/rackmount appliances powered by the latest generation of high core-count x86 processors. Boosted by the packet delivery and virtualization technologies, our white box appliances deliver significant throughput enhancement when running multiple compute-intensive VNFs in SDN/NFV infrastructure.

  • High Core Count Intel Processor
  • DPDK Packet Acceleration
  • SR-IOV Improved Virtualized Performance
  • Intel QAT Cryptographic Acceleration

Pre-validated VNFs

The promise of network disaggregation is liberation from proprietary hardware by emphasizing white-box gateways. Pre-validated and optimized through partnerships with SD-WAN VNF vendors, we provide a white-box appliance portfolio designed to accelerate time-to-market deployment for service providers.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Our white box hardware incorporates both GbE/SFP+ connectivity and Wi-Fi/4G/LTE wireless network connectivity, which not only makes device deployment at remote offices and distributed locations possible, but also enables SD-WAN portals capable of delivering add-on VNF services such as VoIP, VPN, firewall and QoE.

WiFi/LTE Certification Ready

To meet the demands for interoperability in different vertical markets, Lanner has taken a step forward to receive certificates of product design for government regulation (CE, FCC) and wireless communications (PTCRB for Verizon and AT&T), which prove interoperability and meet regulatory standards, safety and technical requirements.

Integrated Security and Manageability

Security is always a priority when building an open networking platform. Our whitebox platforms are protected with firmware/BIOS-based security features, offering integrated crypto keys, BIOS authentication and firmware security vulnerability testing to enable WAN efficiency without compromising on security.

Complete Portfolio

Whitebox Solutions™ include a broad product range optimized for SD-WAN, SD-Security and uCPE/vCPE applications. They are designed to meet customer demands in enterprise networking hardware for the businesses they serve, resulting in accelerated time-to-market and reduced time for validation.