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Typical SD-WAN & SASE solutions come as closed box solutions with many technologies, some sublicensed. This avoids deploying solutions that comprise the capabilities required for the specific deployment, and only those, while increasing software and hardware cost.

Lanner partners with flexiWAN to offer SD-WAN & SASE solution in an open, modular and vendor-agnostic architecture which allows for dynamic loading of router and management networking applications bringing to networking the concepts of the mobile application.

Lanner’s white-box uCPE hardware becomes pre-validated for flexiWAN’s SD-WAN to liberate enterprises and service providers from vendor lock-in equipment, allowing the implementation of third-party VNF and simplified management in traffic routing and application-optimization.

uCPE NCA-1040A

  • Onboard Intel® Atom X6413E CPU (Codenamed Elkhart Lake)
  • DDR4 3200MHz, SODIMM, Max. 32GB
  • 4x 1GbE RJ45 (1x PoE+ included),
  • 1x Console, 1x USB 3.0, 1x Display Port 4x Antenna Holes (2 x Front & 2 x Rear) 1x Mini-PCIe, 1x M.2, 2x Nano SIM

uCPE NCA-1515

  • Intel® Atom® C3000 Processor 6 x GbE & 2 x SFP with SR-IOV
  • 2400/2133/1866MHz ECC/ non ECC SODIMM, Max. 64GB
  • LTE/WIFI ready with PTCRB & Verizon ODI certification Support TPM 2.0, BMC
  • 1 x Cooling Fan w/ Smart Fan Control

uCPE L-1513

  • Intel® Atom® C3000 Processor (Codenamed Denverton)
  • 6x or 4x GbE RJ45 or 4x GbE RJ45 + 2x SFP (by SKU)
  • DR4 2133/1866MHz, Max. 16GB
  • 1x RJ45 Console, 2x USB 3.0/2.0, Onboard EMMC 8G, 1x Nano SIM 1x Mini-PCIe, 1x M.2 2280/2242, 1x
  • M.2 3042

flexiWAN SD-WAN & SASE Solution

flexiWAN offers a comprehensive, centrally managed SD-WAN open-source solution. Through its application framework, it allows for 3rd party networking applications to be dynamically loaded and run in the flexiEdge data flow and flexiManage efficiently. By this, enterprises and service providers can deploy an SDWAN solution that answers their specific networking requirements while achieving significant cost savings and reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


A flexiEdge device comprises three key components:

  • Router infrastructure – a modified version of FD.io
    Vector Packet Processor (VPP) –
  • Routing control plane – Free Range Routing (FRR) –
  • flexiWAN Agent – The software element that
    connects flexiEdge with the flexiManage system
    broker through on-the-wire secure APIs


flexiManage runs on a scalable web server for network

  • flexiManage system broker is responsible for
    communicating with flexiEdge devices and serves
    as the communication channel between the web
    server and the devices.
  • flexiWAN analytics system collects statistics from
    the flexiEdge devices and provides monitoring
    status and updates to network administrators.

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FlexiWAN Model Whitebox MN CPU Core
Memory Storage Others
Small L-1513E-4CL-16E-256M Atom C3436L 4 16GB 256GB US – Power Cord
Medium L-1515A-4C-32E-512M Atom C3558 4 32GB 512GB US – Power Cord
Medium L-1515A-8C-32E-512M Atom C3758 8 32GB 512GB US – Power Cord
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