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Video Blog on SD-WAN and MEC Whitebox Solutions with Ecosystem Partners

Episode 12: Building a Secure and Agile Network with uCPE

Large scale enterprises with multiple national and international branches replace the traditional IT infrastructure with virtual network services and new business models. The increasing demand for Virtual Network Services during the pandemic requires a solid, secure network infrastructure with zero-touch provisioning for managed WAN services. To successfully deploy multi Virtual Network Functions (vNF) in multi-branch networks, it requires to implement hardware and software disaggregation that leverages commodity hardware scaling with the security elements to secure enterprise hardware and applications.

Episode 10: Delivering AI-WAN Automation and Provisioning

In the era of post COVID-19, enterprises that have adopted a digital transformation strategy powered by a multi-service, integrated connectivity and communications platform have been able to sustain, survive and prosper through these unprecedented and uncertain economic conditions.

In this episode, we invite Indrajit Ghosh, CEO of ConnX, to talk about how fully managed integrated SD-WAN services leveraging ConnX secure edge network along with Lanner Whitebox uCPE can deliver high performance, scalability, resiliency and superior Customer experience.

Episode 9: Disaggregating the Network with Whitebox Solutions

The carriers strategy of disaggregating network is well underway as the SD-WAN and universal CPE deployments have been taking off over the last two years. The same business model now applies to other areas in the network infrastructure where service providers not only uses open compute platforms with data plane acceleration, but also leverages scalable compute and networking resources with P4 programmable switching capabilities.

In this episode we will cover MEC and Open RAN use cases and discuss how whitebox appliances can shorten the time to market with reduced total cost of ownership for service providers.

Episode 8: OpenRAN – A Cost Effective and quality alternative?

OpenRAN solutions offers flexibility and scalability through the disaggregation of hardware and software and the utilization of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. OpenRAN platforms constitute a significant step towards the realization of the 5G era. Sven Freudenfeld from Lanner Telecom BU joined the panel discussion at Layer123 World Congress and shared how Lanner whitebox hardware appliance can accelerate network transformations for CU and DU in 5G OpenRAN..

Episode 7: Fast-tracking of the rollout of SDWAN/Edge Delivered Services

Lanner collaborates with Prodapt to offer DSPs and enterprises pre-integrated synergetic solutions in the areas of 5G, multi-access edge computing (MEC), universal CPEs (uCPE), managed SD-WAN services. With Prodapt’s OVX DSPs will have access to ready-for-service, pre-vetted Lanner’s HTCA MEC platforms, the partnership will help DSPs shorten the time to market of new virtualized and cloud services to a variety of industry verticals, such as healthcare, gaming, immersive video, security, IoT/IIoT, and 5G broadcast.

Episode 6: Minimizing Footprint of your uCPE/SD-WAN Solutions

The integrated uCPE solution from Lanner and Enea is based on Lanner’s ultra-lightweight uCPE white box solution and Enea low-footprint NFV Access integrated NFVI software. The combination of Enea and Lanner technologies ensures a streamlined solution that optimizes networking performance and provides minimal footprint for both the platform and VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. It also provides a foundation for uCPE agility and innovation, reducing costs and computing complexity at the network edge.

Episode 5: Delivering Multi-Vendor NFV Solutions

To meet the mission-critical demand for multi-vendor SD-WAN networks, Lanner Electronics and ADVA Optical Networking SE have been driving the migration from proprietary hardware architectures toward open, programmable and scalable NFV solutions. This integrated and tested hardware/software solution combines industry-leading compute; and networking COTS platforms pre-configurated with ADVA’s Ensemble Connector, a flexible and scalable network operating system responsible for providing a framework for network connectivity as well as management and orchestration of highly distributed Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

Episode 4: Enabling Carrier-grade vBNG Solutions with Whitebox Appliances

Lanner collaborates with netElastic to deliver virtual Broadband Network Gateway and virtual Customer Premise Equipment based on Lanner’s customizable and scalable white-box hardware portfolio and netElastic’s software-based vRouter, vBNG and SD-WAN/vCPE solutions to the market. By software-defining and virtualizing their networks, CSPs and telecom carriers disaggregating hardware from software are leveraging x86 based white box hardware with high networking capabilities as their network and control functions, giving them agility and cost-effectiveness.

Episode 3: Flexible uCPE Solution for Consolidated NFV and PaaS

Lanner partners with Ekinops to develop a highly flexible universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) solution with simplified VNF deployment and management . The partnership enables Lanner Whitebox network appliances to be pre-validated with Ekinops’ Compose platform, addressing the new challenges for communication service providers (CSPs) in the age of virtualization with a consolidated, cost-effective, and VNF-ready uCPE for PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SD-WAN deployments.

Episode 2: Powering Tunnel-free SD-WAN with Whitebox uCPE

Lanner and 128 Technology have partnered to bring optimized SD-WAN solutions to deliver a transport agnostic solution – combining MPLS and VPN services, 4G LTE, and legacy T1 services on a Lanner Whitebox uCPE platform. Pairing Lanner’s uCPE with 128 Technology’s Session Smart router software has resulted in a tunnel-free SD-WAN solution. The solution is ideal for providing dynamic services and on-demand network functions that require virtualization-ready uCPE platforms.

Tunnel-free SD-WAN is session-based through secure vector routing, eliminating the need for tunnels, and enabling the SD-WAN to use intelligent routing. This opens the door to high-demand and low-latency use cases and optimizes the network for better security and scalability.

5G specifications are anticipated to revolutionize future network communications. To realize the potential of 5G, distributed network architecture is adopted to offer more agile and more reliable communications, based on edge computing infrastructure to minimize the latency in communications. In fact, SD-WAN and Multi-access Edge Computing are two major foundations of 5G that will enable operators to create new revenue streams, by virtualizing the network edge so that diverse networking and agile service delivery models can be realized. Recent successful applications include consolidated branch networking via vCPE, NFVI and SDN Switch, and ultra-low latency MEC.

By leveraging our 30 years expertise in IT network computing, we provide true whitebox solutions which meet most of the specifications that customers are looking for, as well as certified with WiFi and LTE that can be shipped to many major countries globally.

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