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Webinar: Enabling AI Vision with Revolutionary Intelligent Edge Appliances

Sep 30, 2021

Smart cities, retail, and industrial operations require hundreds of cameras generating video streams that need to be processed locally, quickly, and efficiently with minimal latency. Advanced AI vision systems now face fundamental challenge in latency and reliability to deliver high-volume, low-latency AI inferencing at the edge networks.

Scaling AI to meet this challenge requires ultra-high performance and easy to deploy solutions, which this joint offering provides. To optimize the AI workloads at the edge, Lanner provides ruggedized, GPU & ASIC-powered Edge AI computers that integrate with the world leading AI companies like Intel, NVIDIA and Hailo. Lanner’s fanless Edge AI computers support the demands of emerging AI applications at the edge by enabling mission-critical AI vision applications such as machine vision, video analytics, traffic monitoring and beyond.

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Maulik Upala
AI Product and Market Development Manager,
Lanner Electronics

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