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Boost Your Network Performance with Virtual BNGs and Lanner’s White Box Servers

Oct 20, 2023

In today’s digital landscape, the insatiable demand for fast and reliable internet is ever-growing. From streaming high-definition videos to tapping into cloud services, users are clamoring for more bandwidth. Interestingly, this signals a golden opportunity for service providers to increase revenue. However, it also presents a significant challenge: this high demand puts enormous stress on existing network infrastructures.

Breaking Free from the Constraints of Traditional BNG Systems

Customers are increasingly asking for services like triple-play bundles, home security, and public hotspots. Consequently, these varied needs exert considerable pressure on broadband network gateways (BNGs). Most traditional BNG systems rely on proprietary hardware, which inherently leads to two major setbacks: inflated costs and restricted scalability.

Typically, operators have a tendency to over-provision with these outdated setups. As a result, they face high upfront costs that don’t offer a quick return on investment. So, the critical question is, how can service providers keep pace with growing demand without jeopardizing financial sustainability or quality of service?


Introducing the Game-Changing Virtual BNGs

Here’s where the innovative Virtual BNG by netElastic and white box servers from Lanner come into the picture. Unlike conventional systems, netElastic’s Virtual BNG employs scalable and cost-efficient white box servers from Lanner. This ingenious setup divides operational tasks between two main components. Specifically, one part, known as the control plane, manages the network and operates on a virtual machine. Meanwhile, the other part, referred to as the data plane, oversees data flow.

Both components can scale up or down according to operational needs. Furthermore, they can operate on separate hosts to maximize CPU utilization. Plus, the data plane is expandable across multiple hosts, providing the robust performance of traditional BNGs but at a more reasonable cost.


Operational Mechanics: How It Functions

Strategically positioned at the edge of the user network, the Virtual BNG operates in a manner similar to traditional BNGs and Broadband Remote Access Servers (BRAS). Essentially, it governs user access and performs key functions such as login credentials and quality control measures.


Elevating User Management with Efficiency

Virtual BNG not only reduces your operational costs but also speeds up your time-to-market. Remarkably, it can manage a high volume of users simultaneously. It offers flexibility in overseeing access protocols and maintaining quality of service standards. A single control plane can accommodate up to 128,000 users at once, and the scalability allows for the addition of more data planes as needed.


Achieving Unparalleled Performance

Virtual BNG integrates Intel’s cutting-edge technology to optimize data flow performance. Moreover, it harnesses the formidable processing power of Lanner’s white box servers. Impressively, a single server can manage a throughput of up to 160 Gbps, and the system can scale to accommodate even higher bandwidth demands.


The Advantages of Opting for Lanner’s White Box Servers

Lanner’s L-5520 white box server stands out as an ideal solution for addressing today’s networking challenges. It employs the latest Intel processors to deliver peak performance and also incorporates advanced Intel technological features. These enhancements significantly improve its ability to handle emerging workloads, such as A.I and IoT.


In Conclusion

To satisfy your customers’ burgeoning demands without breaking the bank, scalability is key. Therefore, Virtual BNG, particularly when combined with Lanner’s robust white box servers, offers the optimal balance of speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Undoubtedly, the future is tilting towards virtual solutions, and adopting these technologies will aptly prepare you for what lies ahead.

Ready to take your network to the next level? Don’t get left behind as technology advances. Contact us today to find out how you can integrate Virtual BNGs and Lanner’s white box servers into your network for optimum performance and scalability.

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