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The NCA-1515: Elevating Secure and Efficient Remote Learning

Sep 22, 2023

The digital transformation of education has been rapid, further expedited by the global pandemic. As schools around the world grapple with intermittent closures and the challenges of remote learning, the need for secure and efficient web filtering and monitoring solutions has never been greater. This blog post aims to delve into the specific capabilities and benefits of using the NCA-1515 for next-generation web filtering and monitoring in educational institutions.

The New Landscape of Education

Since the latter part of 2019, educators worldwide have implemented contingency plans for remote learning to maintain educational continuity. With the likelihood of school closures extending into future years, it’s more important than ever to provide students with safe, filtered devices and a secure remote learning environment. These efforts generally involve:

  • Content filtering to block harmful and inappropriate material
  • Monitoring online activities of minors
  • Raising awareness about appropriate online behaviors and cyberbullying


Addressing the Challenges

Lanner’s NCA-1515 comes into play as a scalable solution that integrates easily into a school district’s existing systems. Specifically designed as a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) appliance, the NCA-1515 addresses several critical requirements:

Flexible Content Management

  • It allows IT staff to either filter or allow specific web content, providing the freedom to customize internet access based on educational needs.

Robust Email Protection

  • It includes features for preventing spam and other email-based threats, ensuring a safer online experience.

Simplified Deployment

  • Easy to manage and deploy, the NCA-1515 streamlines the implementation process for IT teams.

Technical Features

Powered by Intel’s Atom C3000 series CPU, the NCA-1515 offers robust performance and support for Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT), ensuring bottleneck-free cryptographic acceleration. Moreover, its open architecture means it is compatible with virtually any mainstream operating system. This makes the NCA-1515 not just a piece of hardware but a complete solution, capable of understanding multiple service scenarios like VPN, WAN Optimization, DHCP, NAT, QoS, Firewall, and ID/IPS.


Benefits for Education

Cost-Efficiency and Flexibility

The NCA-1515 optimizes cost-saving while enabling a software-defined, virtualized service structure for the school district’s network.

Enhanced Network Visibility

The appliance enhances network visibility and threat prevention, making it easier for administrators to identify and address issues in real-time.

Open Source and Proprietary Software Compatibility

Upon the installation of either open-source or proprietary software, the NCA-1515 transforms into a deployment-ready CPE that optimizes Cloud-to-user connectivity.

Results: A Safer, More Efficient Learning Environment

The NCA-1515 has proven its worth by enabling an always-on network security appliance that combines web filtering, anti-malware, in-depth analytics, and integrated reporting. It provides students with uniform protection and safe access to appropriate web content and designated cloud apps across various locations without the risk of data or user information exposure.



In the ever-changing landscape of digital education, adopting reliable and scalable solutions like the NCA-1515 is not just beneficial but essential. As schools look for ways to provide a safer, more engaging online learning experience, this appliance stands out as a key component in the toolkit for educational institutions aiming for both security and efficiency.

Secure, flexible, and cost-efficient, the NCA-1515 is the future of web filtering and monitoring in the educational sector, offering unmatched advantages for remote learning environments.

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