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NCA-4030 & NCA-4035: Platforms With Intel Xeon® D-1700 LCC & D-2700 HCC Multi-core CPUs

Oct 4, 2022

Today sees the launch of Lanner’s NCA-4030 and the NCA-4035 are both 1U rackmount network security appliances powered by Intel’s Xeon® D-1700 LCC & D-2700 HCC multi-core 10nm processors (codenamed Ice Lake D).

Bot appliances can be configured with Intel QAT and are capable of supporting up to 256GB or 128GB of system memory and a maximum of 20 or 10 cores, compared to just 16 in the previous generation. These platforms are ideal for applications in networking, 5G, uCPE SD-WAN, SASE and IIoT Edge computing as their outstanding features deliver improvement in packet processing performance and network scalability in virtual network functions.

While the NCA-4030 and the NCA-4035 share a few features, they do differ in the following specs.


  • Intel® Xeon D-1700 4~10 Cores Processor
  • 4x DDR4 2933MHz, Max. 128GB
  • 4x 1G RJ45, 1x 2.5G RJ45, 1x 1G RJ45 (LOM), 4x 10G SFP+
  • 2x NIC Slots, 1x M.2 2242, 2x USB 3.0
  • 2x 2.5” Internal HDD/SSD Bays
  • 3x Cooling Fans, 450W 1+1 Redundant PSUs
  • 438 x 44 x 510 mm


  • Intel® Xeon D-2700 10~20 Cores Processor
  • 4x DDR4 3200 MHz, Max. 256GB
  • 10x RJ45, 4x 10G SFP+ Or 4x 25G SFP28 (By SKU)
  • 1x NIC Slot, 3x M.2 (SATA), 2x USB 2.0
  • 4x Cooling Fans, 300W 1+1 Redundant PSUs Or 350W Single PSU
  • 2 Pairs Of Bypass
  • 1x Gen4 PCIe*8, 1x Gen4 PCIe*16
  • 438 x 44 x 321 mm

Intel Xeon D is a branch of Xeon processors optimized for making available ultra-low power consumption and robust performance.

According to Intel, the “Intel® Xeon® D processor is the most innovative System-on-a-Chip built for the edge featuring a one-package design with built-in AI, security, advanced IO, and ethernet plus dense compute.” And the “Intel® Xeon D processor with its dense integration of compute and high-performance network connectivity delivers high data throughput from the edge.


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